Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Two Years Riding my BMW C Evolution and 20,000 km

20/06/2014 - 20/06/2016 That's 2 years now
(Last year's post:

This year I used only my C Evoultion to commute, no LEAF at all even in winter

During last fall, with my son's GoPro, we made some onboard videos, in Paris, on the freeway, and that was fun

More videos on my Youtube Channel :

I also got my grand father sitting on the scooter for a rare fun picture :)

Many colleagues are interested in buying one, and the price is still the problem for them, I usually answer that I did not have the money to buy it back then and got a loan and pay 252 EUR per month over 6 years; I do not regret it ...

I often tell them to get it used: You can now get one with 3,000 km for 2/3 of the retail price: It's a very good deal !

Ready for summer now :)

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