Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Nissan LEAF, the best selling EV on Earth is now 5 Years Old !

Remember: Olivier Chalouhi received the very first LEAF back on December 11, 2010 close to San Francisco
 Source: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Redwood-city-man-gets-first-Nissan-Leaf-2453579.php

After 5 years of good services and 3 versions, 200,000 LEAFs have been sold worldwide, making it the best seeling EV ever

Its Battery Pack has held its promises with no incidents, no fire, and better than expected with almost no problems (I think Nissan replaced just a few packs over the 5 years, all covered under warranty); For a first EV, that is pretty good !

Now the latest version has a boosted Energy Density offering 30kWh instead of the original 24, in the same package and weight ...

I received mine among the first ones in France, 4 years ago, and it still is in great condition :) To me, it is a very reliable car, I used it mostly for commuting and going out with the family on week ends in Paris. I never regretted this purchase even if it was the most expensive vehicle I ever got

The future for the LEAf is what you see in this video below (Nissan IDS Concept)

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