Friday, November 6, 2015

Exclusive ! BeLib : Paris installs its New EV Charging Service

You all heard about about Velib, then Autolib, now there will be Belib in Paris very soon !

I have been charging my EVs here for the last 4 years now

So after seeing the removal of my usual Paris city hall Charging Station (from the 90's) few weeks ago, construction including underground wiring, I knew something EV related was going on there

These last two days, I have seen major improvements there and the charging stations are installed now, and covered to hide & protect them from curious people - like me :) - 

From the stickers on the covers, I can see they are from a French company called COMATELEC SCHREDER and built in Spain by its sister company SCHREDER SOGELEC

They are specialized in street lights from what I can see on their website but are also offering an innovative street light post that can hold EV charging outlets

Apparently they are starting with this site only for now, as a flagship one because it is right behind Paris city hall .... and other old green charging stations (from DBT) are still up and running

They will have 3 types of outlet including an accelerated charge one, at 22kW:
- one regular : 230V single phase at 8A giving 2kW
- one type 3 (our French standard, which will be changed to type 2, European standard (or Mennekes)) : 230V single phase at 16A giving 3.7kW
- one accelerated charging (same as above) : 400V 3-phase at 32A giving 22kW

Originally forecasted for the end of 2015, and with 180 charging stations (now only 60), the project has been delayed by the Architectes des Batiments de France (ABF) because the original charging stations were to massive and too high, blocking the view of beautiful Parisian buildings ...

Now they are of regular size and well under construction, I think this particular site is ready !

We should see the major Anne Hidalgo come outside her office and inaugurate them soon :)

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