Monday, October 26, 2015

BMW C Evolution - Motor Sound - First GoPro Video Test in Paris

BMW C Evolution - Motor Sound - First GoPro Video Test in Paris

Boulogne to Marais, Paris, passing through Saint Germain des Prés

Low Camera Position on the Belt Cover at the Electric Motor Level to pick up as much sound as possible (a bit like Matthias did with his Energica Ego test ride in Germany, Energica Deutschland MMS Concept)

Parked in Marais next to this e-Solex which has been here for years now ... (not used any more I guess)

Busy streets as usual, and fully reserved to pedestrians today

Two coffees please

Returning, we set up the GoPro like Telmo did in Lisboa, Portugal, behind the windscreen

But it is getting dark already and the camera adjusts to the brightness of the screen, so the above road image is even darker 

Way back home, from Beaugrenelle, this time my son Clement is holding his GoPro in his hand
Back home on the iMac ...

Monday, October 19, 2015

EVTV Friday Show - July 10, 2015

- Brusa Charger and charging of the Green 1974 VW Thing Electric
- CAN buttons and relays for the 1959 Mercedes SL190 Electric car
- Rebuilding the instrument cluster for the Electric Miata in New Zealand

Tesla Motors - JB Straubel - University of Nevada, Reno - 10/11/15

JB Straubel was in front of the University of Nevada on October 11, 2015

He talked about the history of Tesla and Batteries as usual of course, but mentioned a few key news

First, most Tesla employees are now working on the more affordable Model 3, announced for 2017 with 200 miles of range; Since it will sale for 35,000 USD before incentive, and has a different platform from the Model S and X, it has to be redesigned completely and that is obviously a big task

About the GigaFactory, the good news is that Tesla will be hiring soon, with a target of 6,500 employees (!) and will start producing battery cells in few weeks while the construction continues ! :)

He also said a few words about the PowerWall & PowerPack, which are mandatory tools to make renewable energy available 24/7 and make transportation carbon free using solar and wind; Here again the GigaFactory will produce all the necessary 18650 cells for them

His word for the end: "Work where your passion is" (Steve Jobs was saying the same thing), this way you will not mind spending endless hours on your work and eventually makes breakthroughs and succeed ...

JB Straubel : "Our mission is to change the world" !

"College of Engineering's Distinguished Lecture Series

JB Straubel, co-founder and chief technical officer of Tesla Motors, shares an energizing overview of how advanced battery technologies and electric cars can pave the way toward energy independence and economic development, and how education and innovation plays a key role in reaching those goals.

Filmed by Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center - @One Digital Media Technology"

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