Monday, August 31, 2015

EVTV Friday Show - June 12, 2015 - Tesla Drive Train Hacked !!

- AN EV FIRST : We spin up a Tesla Model S P85 drive train on a test bench using CAN commands !
- Soon to offer Tesla drive trains for DIY/custom cars
- Damien Maguire FIRST DRIVE in BMW E31 840CI Der Panzer with Siemens Motor and Better Place battery pack

EVTV Friday Show - June 5, 2015

- New co-host Bob Wilson Joins Jack Rickard
- Tesla Drive Train test bench update
- SavvyCAN tutorial
- CHAdeMO update
- Damien Maguire spins up his Siemens motor in the BMW 840 electric
- Tesla Model S officially designated "the cats meow" by Texas owner

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Please Share this Post if you Liked it ! Thanks !
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