Friday, May 1, 2015

Elon Musk Unveils the Missing Piece: Tesla Energy, the PowerWall and the PowerPack

Last night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled Tesla Energy and its game changing line up of new Energy Storage products : The PowerWall and the Power Pack

The Power Wall is pretty flat & compact, wall mounted to preserves space, and looks good in various colors, much like a car in a way
It comes in 2 versions:

- 7 kWh, priced at 3,000 USD, installed with a bi-directional inverter to Store and Re-use Solar Energy or Low rate Electricity from the grid (at night)
- 10 kWh, priced at 3,500 USD, running with a Charger & Inverter (not grid tie) which is apparently for Backup only, like the 300 units installed over the last 2 years by SolarCity in California
Up to 9 PowerWall units can be installed in parallel, to get more Storage Capacity, and Power if needed

The Power Pack is the commercial / utility version that provides 100 kWh of Storage, and that is expandable without limits, meaning you could have GWh utility scale Storage easily with this

The Battery Packs, using 18650 cells, identical to the ones used in the Roadster and the Model S will be made in the Fremont factory first, and in the Giga Factory as soon as it is operational ...

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