Sunday, April 19, 2015

TWIDO - A New French Smart Water Heater that should help lower your Energy Bill

Discovered through EDF Pulse newsletter two weeks ago, this southern France innovation sounds brilliant to me: Be able to have a space saving - flat &  slim - water heater, composed of several small tanks in series, heatable independently and connected to the internet

Intresting quotes from the CEO & Inventor:

"You knows what they're spending on hot water ?"

"The best way to save energy is to not use it at all"

"It's about time to re-invent hot water !"

"This could save a family 20 to 30 EUR per month"

This allows you to get control back on one of the most energy consuming device at home, that had been left as is for decades ....

Slim with 25 cm of depth only

Some options can be mounted onto it, like a toilet seat, a towel dryer, or just decorative lights

Also, as it does not use a sumerged heating element, but an outter heating element - around the container -, they said it could last 20 to 30 years, instead of 10 for a regular one

Follow your hot water energy consumption - Water heater is one of the most energy consuming device at home -

The dedicated App / Website - - allows to get back in control with your hot water use: Heat up only the amount of water you really need instead of the whole tank in a regular unit

Program your tanks heating depending on your real needs throughout the week
Star & Stop heating each tank one by one, you can get hot water faster this way, more economically too

This company's innovative product has been selected by EDF Pulse and is about to win

This is just great, I think, and I am interested in having it installed at home

But wait, there's more ... They have a Solar Twido in the works, that should be able to use your home generated solar surplus to make hot water - like the Energeno Optimmersion in a away -

Their website:
Their Youtube Channel:
Their Facbook Page:

Another video featuring their CEO Olivier Cocheteux / 2&

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