Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Enphase MicroInverter Startup LED State & Time

After replacing a Chinese made SUN-250G Grid Tie Inverter by an Enphase M215 in my Mini ESS, I realized that it takes more than 2 minutes for it to actually start pushing power into our home grid ...
That was a bit of a disappointement and I was wondering it is was normal, thinking the M215 would maybe take that much time looking for the Envoy Gateway - which I do not have - and waiting to connect to it before startup

Searching online today, I now know it is normal, reading through the Enphase Troubelshooting Guide :

The Chinese SUN-250G might not be the best small Grid Tie Inverter for efficiency but at least it starts within few seconds !

To adapt my DIY ESS and use Enphase M215 or M250 in the future I will then have to take this long startup time into consideration and rethink the way I fire up Inveters one after another, and I think I will have to leave their DC side ON at all times, since I also experienced that it takes them only 15 seconds to push power one the AC side is ON ....

So some more tinkering and testing ahead for the next version of my ESS, which will then be called: DIY ESS with Enphase :)

PS: The Enphase M215 is flashing Orange during normal operation, as I do not have any Envoy Gateway connected to it, but it does not matter to me

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