Monday, March 16, 2015

Nissan Launches 7-Seat e-NV200 in Geneva - At last !

Since the e-NV200 first launch I thought it could really make a difference for big families using its full length with an additional row of seats in the very back/trunk; Nissan did it :)

Nissan is introducing at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show a new 7-seat version of the all-electric e-NV200, which will go on sale in Europe in April.

Previously, e-NV200 was only available in a 5-seat version or cargo van (at last in Europe).

In the new 7-seat version, the second row has three seats, while the third row has two, and both can be folded down to increase capacity if needed to 2.94 cubic metres.

Luggage capacity with all 7 seats up is 443 liters under the tonneau cover or 870 liters when measured to the roof line.

"Thanks to growing requests from companies and fleets alike, Nissan has announced it is bringing forward the introduction of the latest iteration in its electric vehicle line-up – a seven seat version of the all-electric e-NV200.

Since its inception, a seven seat version of the revolutionary van has always been part of Nissan's plans, fulfilling an unmet need for an electric vehicle that can move a larger number of people. From taxi fleets to shuttle services and even to large families, the seven seat e-NV200 Evalia offers a zero-emission solution. For those with a more regular need to move cargo and an occasional need for seven seats, the Combi version of the e-NV200 can also be specified with the larger seating capacity."

Nissan Europe's director of electric vehicles, Jean-Pierre Diernaz stated:
"We have always planned to offer a higher-seating capacity version of the Nissan e-NV200. Marketplace demand has meant we have moved this introduction forward by several months to satisfy this need. Nissan has had requests from taxi companies, VIP transfer services, hotels and private motorists who are interested in buying this uniquely flexible and capable vehicle."

Pricing is not available at this time.

About the 7 seat e-NV200:

"The seven seat version of the e-NV200 is configured with two seats in the front, three in the middle and two in the rear. Both the second and third rows can be folded to allow for larger quantities of luggage to be carried, making the new variant a hugely flexible vehicle for commercial or private use. The second row rolls forward and the third row folds to the sides to open up an enormous 2.94 cubic metres of cargo capacity, which is enough to transport three bicycles with the wheels in place, unique in this class. With all three rows in place, the luggage capacity is 443 litres under the tonneau cover, and up to an impressive 870 litres when measured to the roof line, allowing the possibility to carry seven people and a large volume of luggage.

To increase passenger comfort the seven seat passenger version comes equipped with additional rear air conditioning to ensure a more even temperature through the cabin, even for those in the third row of seating.

The new model is available with the CHAdeMO quick charging system, which gives the access to the most widely installed rapid charging system in Europe today with over 1,500 accessible points. The quick charging option allows businesses or drivers to extend journeys or do multiple short journeys in a day with a quick top up. Already, users of the e-NV200 like Taxi Electric in the Netherlands and C&C Taxis in the UK have installed their own quick chargers to increase utilisation and flexibility.

The van and five seat versions of the e-NV200 were launched last summer and have already met with a very positive reception with orders from taxi companies across Europe in addition to large fleets like DHL Express in Italy, and APM, part of the Maersk group. Diernaz is unsurprised by this interest, commenting: "The benefits are clear, electricity as a fuel is much cheaper than diesel, even with the recent drop in prices. Maintenance is 40 percent cheaper and the vehicle is quieter, smoother and faster than the diesel equivalent."

The new e-NV200 version is joined on the Geneva stage by a special edition of the Nissan LEAF, which has just celebrated a record sales year in 2014, with sales up 33 percent. To celebrate its fourth year as the best-selling pure electric car globally an in Europe the limited edition has been given an eye-catching new 17-inch wheels design and additional standard equipment. This limited edition, based on the Acenta grade, gives customers two types of cable, enabling them to use charge points fitted with conventional domestic plugs or the faster type two charging stations also complemented by the standard fitment* of the 6.6 kW on board charger, which allows the Nissan LEAF to go from empty to full in four hours on a compatible 32 amp supply."

Source: Inside EVs

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