Sunday, January 18, 2015

The EV Show - January 2015 - EV West

Michael Bream and his host Eric Hutchison presented the second episode of the EV Show early January, as promised ...
I think this second one was more interesting than the first one, check it out !

"In this episode of the EV Show, Eric Hutchison and Michael Bream host video segments including an introduction to the Electric Ferrari project, an introduction to the Ural Motorcycle project, a technical segment on brake transducers by Jehu Garcia, a Formula E Uruguay recap, an aftermarket ChaDeMo fast charge solution by Tony Williams, Project of the Month winner Al Swackhammer and his Auto Union conversion, a Porsche G50 transaxle in a Ferrari 308, digitizing an Alfa Romeo bell housing with a Faro Arm CMM, dual HPEVS AC76 by Matt Hauber, E-Stopp electric emergency brake by John Rosselli, ZEVA products from Australia, InLogis EV Surge Protector and upcoming EV Show events for 2015. More information at and"

More on this 1978 Ferrai 308 conversion to Electric Drive :

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