Sunday, January 18, 2015

Energy Storage at Home : Already Saved 120 EUR in 6 Months with my DIYESS :)

As I announced few weeks ago, after 6 months of logging Home Generation and Usage on the EnergyHive online platform through my Wattson unit and their Gateway, it mentions that I already saved 120 EUR :)

This online portal, free of use, is gathering my Generation from Solar Panels + Energy Storage System and Power Usage; The price per kWh purchased from the Utility company can be entered and is used to calculate the savings over time, for power not used from them, but replaced by Solar or Stored Energy

Since June 2014 I have been logging my Power (Generated & Used) every 3 seconds and being on vacation for 4 weeks during this period, my ESS turned off, it has been roughly 6 mois; So I can see that I saved almost 20 EUR per month, which is not bad with my small 1.2kWp Solar Install

Almost all the Energy produced by Solar and the ESS is used at Home, thanks to the automated ESS charging and discharging capability

As I am writing this post today, after few weeks, the total savings (of data logged, not before) is now up to nearly 137 EUR

and I recently updated the Utility price per kWh as it just increased as of January 1st

As Electricity price will continue to increase, it is a good thing to be able to save all along the way ....

More info on my DIY Energy Storage System here : or


  1. Bonjour
    I'm very impressed with the technology here, particularly the mini DIY ESS with the Leaf batteries. Have you got a wiring diagram you could share please?
    I am surprised only 120€ saving in 6 months. What is your investment so far and when do you think it will 'pay back'?
    Merci beaucoup

  2. Hi, thanks, it is all here


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