Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nissan LEAF Battery Pouch Cells - Fire and Destruction Tests

In a LEAF Battery Module are 4 pouches, and these seem to be very tough !



"A used battery form Nissan Leaf 3.8V 33Ah, tested for how likely to catch fire when is destroyed or in flames. We had no success make it burn. Same battery after the burn test was charged/discharged twice at 1/3C - 10A - it has 30Ah capacity remaining. Before the test this cell was under salty water for 2 hours - you can see the contact are destroyed."


Monday, February 24, 2014

Tesla Model S Amsterdam to Paris road trip

A guy and three girls in a Model S leave Amsterdam to reach Paris ! Will they get there ? ...

"From Amsterdam to Paris in a Tesla Model S. Visited the Tesla Supercharger in Oosterhout and made a stop for charge and dinner in Belgium. Read the blog about it here: AC fast charging at IKEA, Paris. Me and my friends from The New Motion had quite the adventure."

ICEd ! and parking on the sidewalk to charge - well done ! -

I recognize IKEA Velizy parking lot here (the closest IKEA from Paris), I charged there once, actually to test CHAdeMO for the first time - for free -

and back to Amsterdam ...


LEAF Battery Modules - 2nd package arrives ...

The second half of my LEAF Battery Modules order, shipped in a 2nd package, arrived, and I picked it up tonight at the post office, with my LEAF, of course, what else ? :-)

A little front dent on this one

The back of this module got shocked, but it should be ok ...

Overall, it looks fine

The second module is a bit flattened also, but lightly

To show you my project, two stacks of LEAF battery modules can fit easily in this compartment of the ESS

With this package, I got the matching screws (not with the previous one): 4 M6 and 2 M4 bolts

And here they are, with the first package ones, downstairs, away from the kids and with their terminals protected

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