Tuesday, December 30, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - December 12, 2014

- SmartforTwo Electric Drive. More on why. More on what.
- Reverse engineering the CAN communications for the Chevrolet VOLT Lear charger.
- New Electric Vehicle Interface Controller from Andromeda. EVIC.
- Siemens LOGO programmable logic controller (PLC).
- Sumitomo CHAdeMO plug now available.
- The first EV video series - Gav's EV. What happened to GAV ?

Early EV conversion video which inspired Jack before EVtv

Getting in the Model S vs in the Smart ED

Jack is working on a huge Battery Bank to supply enough DC power to test CHAdeMO charging at the EV Motor Werks shop !

GEVCU testing

LEAF DC-DC converter CAN codes found and tested

Chevy Volt Lear Charger CAN codes also found and used to charge a Better Place battery pack

LOGO programming for a Siemens Relay

A future display which will be used broadly in converted EVs instrumentation says Jack

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