Sunday, December 14, 2014

BMW C Evolution - I finally got my scooter back and it is working just fine :)

Last Friday, 10 days ago, I went to the BMW shop in Boulogne and returned my loaner C Evolution to get my original scooter back, after they told me the breakdown I experienced 3 months ago was caused by firmware bug, fixed by the latest release end of November.

BMW took a long time to solve this, probably gathering CAN error messages from several C Evolution scooters across Europe which had the same warning signs on their dashboard.

I was told by the head of BMW scooters in France that it was caused, or could be reproduced by turning ON, OFF, and ON again the ignition key ... Still I am the only one who got the big breakdown forcing me to stop on the side of the road and be towed back to the dealer. For this reason he also asked to shop to replace my throttle, to make sure no error was coming from this also.

I am now commuting again with it, unless the temperature is too close to 0°C, icy road being to risky with a 2-wheel. The power is like before, awesome and I am having a blast with my machine now :)
Thanks to BMW I was able to enjoy Electric rides during these last 3 months, with an identical C Evolution loaner.

I am now almost at 6 months of daily rides with a BMW C Evolution and I can assure you it is one great machine ... I am actually going for a ride today since it is sunny, taking my daughter with me, yesterday it was my son's turn, under the cold rain, but we enjoyed it also :)

If you have not test driven it yet, I recommend you do so to experience and understand why I chose this amazing scooter !


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