Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jehu Garcia, his Samba Bus and his Chargers

Jehu Garcia goes into all the details of his adventures with high power chargers for his Electric VW Samba Bus and will build a liquid cooled version kit of EV Motor Verks  DIY 10 kW one - like Damien Maguire did in Ireland BTW -

In the previews episode of the Electric Samba Series, we headed down to Solvang, California and we were happy to report that the range of the eSamba is now about 150 miles. It reach it's destination with no issues, however, it didn't make it back home on it's own power. Again, we had to town it back home. In this weeks episode, we delve in the history of our high-powered chargers and what we think went wrong. Also, we'll get into what the plans are for a new charger for our Electric Car. Electric Car. Electric Car Charger. How to convert to electric.

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