Saturday, November 15, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - October 31, 2014

- Pierburg pump PWM operation
- First roll of yellow Jeep CJ5 in Amsterdam
- Tazzari Electric Car repair: Celso looks at a battery problem
- SunPower Solar cells
- Damien Maguire succeds with his BMW 840Ci Automatic Transmission build mated with the Siemens AS Motor and an Open Source controller 

News, alone

Lear Chargers available from the CODA bankruptcy

Damien and his BMW 840Ci Tranmission mated to the Siemens AC Motor

TAZZARI Battery problem investigation

JEEP CJ5 Test Drive with Celso !

A beefy Connector for a quater MW ! and shock absorber making Electricity

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