Sunday, November 9, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - October 24, 2014

- CHAdeMO inlet for the green electric VW THING and a PTC heater installation
- EVtv Solar Install update
- Sales of single solar cells at 0.55 volts and 5.45 amps - 22% efficient
- Software and the Arduino Due CANDue shield to control the Lear charger used in the Chevrolet Volt, SmartforTwoED, and Coda
- Troubleshooting das Red electric boot

The Green VW Thing gets a cool looking CHAdeMO inlet hidden behind the VW badge/logo

Also the PTC heater system is installed upfront

Solar on the EVtv Motor Verks shop is pushing 24KW into the grid !

SunPower, made in the USA, 22% efficient solar cell available (1000 to start !)

The Charging Team working on the CANDue Arduino shield to use any OME Charger

Jack explains more on the software behind it with a live demo

EVtv Europe segment

Delta Flyer inverter hickup troubleshooting

A new job for the Amsterdam team: fix BMS (Battery Murdering System) damages done to 10 Tazzari EVs

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