Saturday, November 22, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - November 7, 2014

- Announcing the Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention - EVCCON Europe 2015
- Testing the CALB CAM72FI cell for Fast Charging
- Powerful PTC heat for the BMW 320i

New Chevy Volt explained

Jack is testing the new CALB CAM72FI in his Battery Lab, and yes they can take Fast Charge without any problem

Ed Clausen re-uses part of his BMW heating system and had powerful PTC elements

News from Amsterdam : the Jeep passed thee road inspection

and the new New Electric shop is under construction and almost finished, with an access to water from behind !

Anne is projecting to cross the Channel between France and England end of March or beginning of April 2015 depending on the weather conditions :)

and also introduces the European EV event taking place close to Bath, UK with Kevin Sharpe from

Jack & Brian will make to crossing and be there for this first EVCCON Europe taking place end of March !

"First Cheese & Grain Center on you right" lol !

Some new LED light bulbs to make your EV use leww power and light up the road ahead ...

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