Saturday, November 29, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - November 14, 2014

- Electric Jeep CJ-5 with Siemens Motor and GEVCU
- New controller to bring CHAdeMO to DIY/custom electric vehicles
- CANTS - a CAN bus temperature sensor
- Milspec 24v LiFePo4 battery replaces $10,461 nicad battery

First solar bike lane in NL

Jeep CJ5 consumption test

Talking about the CODA which was a very well conceived EV, but with a casual looking 90's sedan body ... too bad

Its is now coming back under the name Mullen

Jack makes a replacement LiFeP0 battery pack with the new CALN CAM72FI cell to replace this older generation pack

Heating pads did over heat :( and are withdrawn from the store for now

A CAN capable temperature sensor

The Portuguese JLD505 arrives and could integrate this temperature sensors in the next version

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