Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 2014 Paris Motor Show - EVs only !

Yesterday we went to the 2014 Paris Motor Show with my son and a friend of his ....

... with the LEAF, parked nearby at an Autolib station and were kindly invited by Nissan France social media team (Thanks Orianne & Chantal)

So we started by Nissan of course and its new LEAF and e-NV200 in its Evalia family version

Right next to Nissan was Tesla, for the first time in Paris BTW, and it got a lot of attention, and was over crowded, which is a good thing (people seem to like EVs all of a sudden)

After that we split and I went on alone because there were many places to go to see all EVs, spread across the big exhibition halls

A little stop at the EV test facility

An engineer school showing a cool race car

VolksWagen and its low consumption concept (1L for 100km)

Their e-up

The e-Golf

KIA's EV Soul

A cool looking Mini Moke from the 60's revisited with Electric Drive

A little break with a beer and some fresh air, it is so hot inside with thousands of high power halogen lights ! you could charge thousands of EVs ... Time to switch to LED, no ?

and back the crowd with Lamborghini and the most powerful hybrid just released few days ago

at the BMWi section of BMW

I know this scooter ... ;)

Smart and its ED version, here convertible with cool paint

and Mercedes with its Electric Class B

Renault ... nothing there ...

Oh yes, now you can charge a ZOE from a regular outlet (lol, it was about time)

Back at Nissan where we got to chat with Orianne and Chantal who kindly invited us at the Show and also upstairs for a drink in the VIP lounge :) 

After like 4 hours there, we finally got back to the LEAF, which had finished charging few hours before, and I received this Autolib text confirmation after unplugging and no even 5 EUR charge :)

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