Sunday, October 12, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - September 26, 2014

- Buildup of green VW Thing UQM Powerphase 100
- Our first EKG 
- Test driving the 1974 Electric Karmann Ghia
- Jeff Southern does a heater for the Green THING
- Anne Kloppenborg with the Jeep CJ5 Electric project
- Damien Maguire buildup of the Siemens 1PV5135 motor for his BMW 840 project
- Tesla wars with salvage industry
- North Carolina bans all EV Conversions

The Jeep CJ5 conversion to Electric in Amsterdam

Damien Maguire continues his BMW 840Ci conversion with the Motor adaptor plate to couple it to the original automatic transmission

A new double CAN enabled Arduino shield ... interesting if you need to talk CAN

VW Thing - Green one - transmission coupling to the UQM motor

Brian test drives to the Karmann Ghia on a sunny day :)

Jess Southern is machining parts for the heating system of the VW Thing - Green one -

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