Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to Winter Mode for my DIY ESS - Energy Storage System at Home making the best out of TOU rate

We are slowly entering winter here with pretty low temperatures in Paris, also the sun is lower and lower, allowing less and less solar production during the day, especially with grey clouds covering it sometimes all day long ....

So since last night, my DIY ESS goes back to its "Winter Mode", meaning it charges the battery pack at night, using half priced grid electricity - TOU plan -, and re-uses it through out the day

On the Power graph above, you can see that after the water heater has stopped at 00:30AM, the chargers continue to use 350W (limited to 4 chargers on purpose) until the electricity goes back to day rateat 6:24AM - and it started at 10:24PM the day before -

Follow my Live Power Usage and Generation with Solar and the DIY ESS

This is possible thanks to the Forced Charge Mode implemented in the Arduino program running my Home Energy Storage System

More on Forced Charge Mode on the DIY ESS Kit Website

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