Sunday, September 28, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - September 12, 2014

- Yellow electric VW Thing gets new wiring and two new switches
- Coda and Azure Dynamics eGearDrives are interchangeable
- Tesla Gigafactory approved - details of where the lithium for it comes from and how to invest in it
- Damien Maguire tackles the BMW 840CI
- EVTV.EU at the Amsterdam boat show
- Formula E kicks off this weekend

Formula E begins !

Tesla GigaFactory

Model S battery pack disassembly ! update from the Amsterdam Boat Show

A ride in the VW Thing and an intermittent throttle (?) problem

The entire GEVCU to Controller wiring has been replaced by Jesse and it is fine now

Damien Maguire has found a 3rd BMW to convert to Electric Drive : an 840Ci monster !

eGear Drive maker is changing manufacturing country from USA to China

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