Sunday, September 28, 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio's 2014 UN Climate Summit Speech

Leonardo DiCaprio's opening remarks at the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit in New York City.

EVTV Friday Show - September 12, 2014

- Yellow electric VW Thing gets new wiring and two new switches
- Coda and Azure Dynamics eGearDrives are interchangeable
- Tesla Gigafactory approved - details of where the lithium for it comes from and how to invest in it
- Damien Maguire tackles the BMW 840CI
- EVTV.EU at the Amsterdam boat show
- Formula E kicks off this weekend

Formula E begins !

Tesla GigaFactory

Model S battery pack disassembly ! update from the Amsterdam Boat Show

A ride in the VW Thing and an intermittent throttle (?) problem

The entire GEVCU to Controller wiring has been replaced by Jesse and it is fine now

Damien Maguire has found a 3rd BMW to convert to Electric Drive : an 840Ci monster !

eGear Drive maker is changing manufacturing country from USA to China

Saturday, September 27, 2014

SolarCity breaks ground on “GigaFactory” for Solar PV in New York state

SolarCity plans to invest US$5 billion in the factory over the next decadeBuffalo Rising
The 110,000 square meter plant in Buffalo will produce PV cells and modules based on Silevo's high-efficiency technology, as the largest solar manufacturing facility in the Western Hemisphere.

SolarCity has begun construction of its new manufacturing facilty for PV cells and modules in Buffalo, New York. The factory will occupy 110,000 square meters, and will have the capacity to produce 1 GW of PV modules when fully ramped.

This announcement follows the conclusion of negotiations with the state of New York, which will invest a total of US$750 million to establish infrastructure, help build the facility and purchase equipment. SolarCity plans to spend US$5 billion over the next decade to build and operate the plant.

A statement by the Governor's Office estimates that the factory will be producing PV modules as early as the first quarter of 2016. SolarCity estimates that the factory will create 1,450 manufacturing jobs.

Modules made at the factory will feature high-efficiency PV cells based on technology by Silevo, which SolarCity purchased earlier in September. Silevo's Triex cell technology combines amorphous silicon layers and crystalline silicon, as well as a "tunneling" oxide layer, a design borrowed from the semiconductor industry.

This has allowed Silevo's PV cells to achieve 22.1% efficiency, as verified by the U.S. Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratory. The company unveiled a roadmap to achieve 24% cell effiicency in 2011.

Source : PV Magazine

Source:  Governor Cuomo Announces New SolarCity GigaFactory Complex at RiverBend

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