Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just got the LEAF back from the Nissan Garage after minor scratch fix, but let me tell you more ...

One month ago I got into an accident that damaged litely the rear door of the LEAF (not my responsability) ... nothing bad, but I had to go get it fixed 

So I picked a 'LEAF capable' Nissan dealer close to Boulogne, in Paris 16th district from Nissan's website (it shows a LEAF logo on the map), to do this and thought I will have him do the LEAF check up (never done any since my purchase), flash the new software versions, change wipers, etc

When I get there, I am told that nothing but the paint job can be done

So this garage has several mechanics trained to work on the LEAF but can not perform any repair related to it (apart from body work) because it requires 10 meters perimeter all around the car ... as the head of shop told me: "We don't have that kind of space here, especailly in  Paris' ! Crazy requirment I think  

So I will have to schedule another Appt at another dealer that has the room to do just the regular checkup ... How convenient ...

This morning, I got it back very clean and with the body/paint repaired, but, surprise, as I drove out of the shop, I realized the battery levele was at 1 (out of 12) ! 

Ok it was not full when I left it, but I thought they would refill it at least ... not at all; I think it it shows how they take care of EVs ... still a long road ahead ...

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