Monday, June 2, 2014

Wattson OptiSmart Gateway - Received, Installed & Running in 10 minutes ! LIVE USAGE, GENERATION & NET USAGE Accessible from Anywhere to Everyone

Mark Elliott from Energeno just sent me the New Wattson OptiSmart Device, a Wattson Gateway which gets Usage and Generation Signals from the Wattson Transmitter and Broadcasts it to an Online Portal - it is replacing the Wattson Anywhere device & portal that I beta tested for several months before and is much better, especially for the portal part -

Powered by EnergyHive, the Portal gives State of Art Live Usage & Generation info, Power and Energy Graphs, the Part of Energy used at Home vs Imported from the Grid, and much more ...

Check out my portal available to everyone here:

Here are all the pictures taken during the very easy install ...

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