Sunday, June 1, 2014

I sold my Vectrix last week end

I finally find some time to write about it; I sold my Vectrix last sunday ....
Purchased in september 2010, I have been using it almost everyday to commute to my former customer, GDF SUEZ, during 3 years with around 18,000km !
That's 3 years of fully Electric Ride, a lot of fun, and not a drop of gas

My ad on the famous French website, our national Craigslist in a way

A last ride in Boulogne, everything works fine

Last charge in my parking, in front of the LEAF

I will have to remove "Vectrix" from the wattmeter

Charging ...

and here it goes with its new owner ...

I am now waiting my next top of the line Electric Scooter, the BMW C Evolution :-)
Few more weeks to go ....

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