Sunday, June 8, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - May 30, 2014

- Ed's excellent battery box adventure with the electric BMW 328i
- EVTV.EU takes on a battery upgrade on a Beetle, using AESC / LEAF Battery Modules from Better Place Renault Fluence Liquidation, along with their Jeep Wrangler Electric project 
- John Hardy describes soft shorts in prismatic LiFePo4 battery cells and how to detect and deal with them
- Jack myopically focuses on a brass bolt while Brain continues to try to get blinkers to work on his Karman Ghia project
- Solar Roads hits 1.65million and 38,000 contributors thank you

This fin solar panel is selling very well Jack says - I want to get some later -

Solar RoadWays is getting twice more than they expected for their great idea

John Hardy about Bottom Balancing and detecting - rare - internal shorts in LiFePO4 cells

A new current sensor, CAN enabled, should be available in the online store

Ed Clausen never stops ! his BMW conversion project is at the battery boxes step

Karman Ghia update : today fuses

Anne Kloppenbord from New Electric  / EVtv Europe is unboxing a Renault Fluence battery pack to get to the 48 AESC Modules to replace old GBS LiFePO4 cells in an already converted Beetle

One of his customers got 3 Better Place packs when they finally arrived the week before and has already performed this task; The Modules are waiting to be transferred into a Tourist Boat to cruise onto Amsterdam's canals :-)

After doing the maths, the Delta Flyer is 30% more efficient with its new drive train - rubber belt version - !! Bravo Anne !

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