Monday, June 16, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - May 23, 2014

- Cooling issues with the Electric VW Thing
- EVTV.EU starts new build with electric Jeep Wrangler - it's yellow. Starts testing Siemens/DMOC for EU EMI certification.
- Ed Clausen's BMW Electric reaches first wheel spin
- Solar Roads picks up steam.

Brian returns, again

Fiat CEO about the 500 Electric

BMW Concept

SolarRoads special message to EVtv thanking Jack for his support

EVtv Europe receives the Better Place Renault Fluence Battery Packs

DMOC & Siemens AC Motor TUV Certification

New Project with a 1964 Yellow Jeep

Jack's Delta Flyer is being built

Ed Clausen is alreadu spinning the wheels of his BMW

VW Thing

EV drag race

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