Sunday, June 15, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - June 6, 2014

- UQM Inverter security code cracked
- VW Bug sports first set of rolling Better Place Batteries
- Electric Karmann Ghia gets wiring rework and flashers now flash

Jack & Brian are getting some helps with a VW Specialist who is joining the team

The very first use of AESC / LEAF Battery Modules in a car conversion

Test drive time

The owner is here to test drive now

and he's got the EV grin :-)

UQM PowerPhase Motor will be used in Jack's next project: an Electric Boat ....

and the UQM Inverter security code has been cracked by this brilliant guy : Collin Kidder

Off to Switzerland with EV meeting and a serious Fully Electric Truck

More stuff on the online store:

Insulated wrenches : 13mm for M8 and 10mm for M6

The Genasun Solar Charge Controller: converts / upstages any voltage from the panel to 48V, with MPPT

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