Monday, June 30, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - June 20, 2014

- Electric 16 foot Aristocraft Torpedo runabout - drive train musings
- Harley Davidson electric motorcycle
- A john boat in Amsterdam with a cooler full of batteries. Electric frog gigging in downtown Amsterdam ? 
- Golf cart solar rooftop
- Looming war between electric utilities and solar owners.


Toyota Japanese ad for the pluggin Prius ...

Charging Business model includes "big gulp" and other snacks (Jack said it already)

Harley Davidson is introducing a concept electric bike ! the LiveWire ....

Mentioned: A very article from Al Gore

New Electric and new conversion projects in Amsterdam

Outboard motor powered by a cary on battery pack

Jack's Delta is still in the works but getting close to the end

The drive train project for the jet propulsion system of the Arsitocraft

The return of Jesse Hale !
He will work on the solar golf cart project

A new small meter in the online store

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