Tuesday, June 24, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - June 13, 2014

- EVTV 24.4 kW Solar Installation
- Arrival of Aristocraft 16 foot Torpedo speed boat candidate for next project
- Anne's Electric Delta boat

VW is making the e-Golf

Elon Musk declares: "All our patents are belong to you"

Amsterdam update and Delta water ski

Jack's new toy: a brand new Aristocraft speed boat arrives from Atlanta

EVtv Motor Werks big Solar Install : 24.4kWp !

DIY EVSE from Valery Miftakhov : The Juice Box

NordLock Commercial

New smaller battery braided straps in stock for the CAM series and AESC / LEAF modules

Genasun Solar Charge Controller : MPPT and Boost to 48V for Lithium batteries

Special deals of the week: This set is half price for the first 10 units

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