Saturday, June 21, 2014

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Received ! It is just great ...

I just received my New BMW C Evolution, after a little month and a half of wait, at lunch time yesterday

I met my wife at the BMW Motorrad dealer in Boulogne, and after the paperwork, we switched vehicle - she nicely drove the LEAF back home - and I went back to work with it :-)

The bike is amazing as I already wrote several times, but you have to test drive it to really understand the power and acceleration it is capable of ... I am blowed away !

Back to work for the afternoon, I had a hard time concentrating on SAP development ...

During the coffee break, I showed it to my colleagues and did a little demo on the parking lot; "It does accelerate well"

and I came back home, passing in front of BMW France HQ , nearby my customer

Back home, I top off the not so much depleted battery pack, plugging my LEAF EVSE (mounted on the wall), which has the same J1772 plug and provides 2000W at 10A

This morning, my daughter and my son had a go with daddy, not too fast for her - still to young to hold well enough - and pretty fast with him, and they were both amazed by it;
We went to Paris, for a pretty long ride, and the battery really holds very well, even with two persons and lots of full throttle accelerations  ... very promising ...

I suggest you test ride it if you can, this could change your point of view on EVs; I think it is safe to say that it is the Tesla of scooters right now !

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