Saturday, May 17, 2014

The End of Vectrix - Liquidation Sale after Bankruptcy :-(

This time it looks like it is really over for Vectrix :-(

After filing bankruptcy few weeks ago, the second time in this history of the brand, Vectrix is really going down and a liquidation sale is scheduled for June in New Bedford

Liquidation Link:

Liquidation Photos:

The American company released their famous NiMH powered battery maxi scooter back in 2006, a machine with 'No Compromise', built with top of the line quality components:
- Marzocchi fork
- Brembo brakes
- Sachs shocks
- German planetary gear set
- 20kW AC Motor
- 4.7kWh NiMH Battery Pack
- Specific Aluminum Chassis

In 2009, Gold Peak or GP, the  Hong Kong based famous Battery maker, injected 5 Million in Vectrix to wipe of 3 Millions of debts and carry on 
They continued production, and a plant was built in Poland for the European market
Then they started the Li and Li+ version, with a new Lithium ion battery pack ...

In 2012, after hearing about brand new Lithium factory made VX-1 having battery pack problems after few months, I wrote this post about LiFePO4 Battery Charging, hoping some Vectrix engineer would read it and change the way they handle Lithium cells

Somebody could have taken over Vectrix again, and I was thinking of Renault, or Nissan, with AESC / LEAF Battery Modules that fit perfectly and require almost no change to the existing scooter ! But I guess they do not even know about it, although I talk a bout it to somebody at Renault about this possibility

So, now it is the end, and it is a shame and a waste, because it was a great machine, and this failure has been caused by the lack of knowledge on LiFePO4 charging method and management, which is so simple in the end ... I wrote a lot on this already and proved that it works over several years now ...

V is for Voltage thread :

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