Friday, May 2, 2014

I Test Drove the New BMW C Evolution Electric Maxi Scooter, and it was Awesome !

I have been riding a Vectrix VX-1 for 3 years and I have been following the BMW C Evolution since 2010; Today is the time for a Test Drive because it is now available in European BMW Motorrad dealerships

I have to tell you that the acceleration is phenomenal ! I could not believe it :-)  EV grin all the way during this long test drive ...

I booked an appointment this morning and the dealer told me they just received it; I also told a few scooter riders / colleagues about it via email

Arriving at the BMW dealership in Boulogne, I was surprised to see one of them, all excited who told me that he did test drive it and was ordering one ! :-)

Then it was time for my test drive ...
We went down to the underground parking and there it was, plugged in and charging ...

Ready to go

My colleague is inside, signing his order

Then I went into the city, and all the way up North, into the woods, Bois de Boulogne, with big straight lines to test the acceleration fully

I must say I never felt such an amazing acceleration ! It felt like 3 times more powerful than the Vectrix ! 35kW vs 20kW but also the Batteries can deliver all their power, and the Vectrix NiMH could not do that ...

I quickly left the city center to go up into the woods - Bois de Boulogne -, and got to test full acceleration on big straight lines; Wow what was really something !

LED tail lights

Overall it has a beautiful finish and feels very sturdy
The handling, suspension, braking is just perfect ... maybe this is normal for BMW ...

I tried all 4 drive modes which can be changed on the fly while riding the bike, which is cool & I must say I liked ROAD (I still have to get used to this regen when releasing the throttle) & prefer SAIL (no regen until you touch the brakes, free wheeling all the way)

You HAVE to test drive this to understand the feeling it provides !

I want one now ....  :-) Really


  1. Do you get enough wind protection from the very low windshield?
    And did you see how small the storage space is under the seat? That really was a disappointment for me.
    But I agree on the acceleration, it is amazing!

    1. No I did not feel a problem but did not go fast for long time. I forgot to look into the storage but fitting my helmet should be ok ...


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