Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Cracked and Ordered a BMW C Evolution after Test Driving it last week !

Last friday, when the BMW C Evolution came out, I rushed to the BMW Motorrad dealer in Boulogne to test drive it; I experienced such a blast that, after the week end, I decided I wanted one :-)

Priced at 15,400 EUR, I don't really have the money for it right now, but I figured I could get a long term loan to pay the minimum monthly amount possible, and my bank kind of backed me up with this a 72 months loan 4% one ... and I hope to sign it very soon to settle all this ...
My BMW dealer also made a proposal, from BMW Financials Services, with the same "special rate" of 3.9%, but on 60 months max

I got all the options with it, there are 2 only:
- Heated Grips
- BMW Anti-theft Alarm
and they were offered after a little negotiation with the dealer, nice from him

I now have to want until the last week of June to get it, since it looks like they can get only one C Evolution every week, even if they tried to get another one from other nearby dealerships, none was available


  1. Salut Christophe.
    Je vais essayer la c evolution samedi à lyon et je crois que je vais craquer...
    Quel est le délai de livraison?
    BMW a une loa qui semble bien sûr 36 mois.

    1. Je le reçois aujourd'hui donc un mois et demi, mais ça dépend du nombre de scooters commandé par la concession chez BMW en Allemagne. Et pour l'instant c'est assez peu et ils sont donc rares


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