Saturday, May 24, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - May 9, 2014

- Delta Electric Speedboat gets 30% efficiency gain
- BMW 320i electric conversion using Siemens motor by 
- Electric VW Thing JoyRide
- Turbo Airfan electric airplane

News : Brian is back

EVtv started 5 years ago ! a short, but important flashback with Jack

CALB CAM Series arrive, but packed with weird useless plastic protection

That's what you get when you use a BMS

Anne and his New Electric team succeed with the new Delta Speedboat transmission: Faster & More Efficient ! Bravo !

Ed Clausen comes back to EVtv; He has been working a lot on the GEVCU development, especially on the hardware part

and he is working on a conversion of a old BMW using the GEVCU and the Siemens AC motor Jack got from the Azure Dynamics liquidation sale last year

Now a ride in the VW Thing, the first DIY conversion using the Siemens AC motor

Airbus unveils an all Electric airplane in France

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