Saturday, May 3, 2014

EVTV Friday Show - April 25, 2014

- One millionth EVTV viewer
- Yellow VW Thing Rolls
- EU Certification of Siemens and HPEVS drive trains
- Yellow Jeep in Amsterdam
- Factory Five 818 Electric track testing
- LiFePo4 Overcharge Test results
- New contactor and switch offerings
- LED turn signals and brake lights. Karman Ghia update



The New Volt

Europe imposes the Combo Charge Plug ...

Real time and historical visitors are identified on EVtv

A new EV on 3 wheels

The end of Vectrix and the suicide of GP Batteries manager who took over Vectrix in 2009

John Hardy year long experiment on over charging LiFePO4 cells

EV West Factory Five 818 Electric project on the track !

News from EVtv EU in Amsterdam

Karman Ghia

Jack stops selling the Tyco Kilovac EV200AAANA and replaces it with a - better - Gigavac competitor

and got a new toy to make air videos like Space X (see last week's episode)

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