Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bjorn and his wife drive their Model S all the way up North of Norway

Bjorn is back with a very long video - and it is only Part 1 - of him and his wife driving the Model S all the way up North Norway ...

Starting with SuperChargers, he eventually has to find charging spots all along the way, mostly these 400V 3-phase red plugs ...

"Epic road trip from Oslo to North Cape and back. Part one covers the trip to North Cape. In this video there are a lot of shaky handheld shots. I'm sorry for that! I will reduce the amount in the future videos."

Meeting a RAV4 Electric owner - rare -

Charging and staying overnight at a Model S owner

Back on the road ...

Charging at the train station public parking

Hot noodles are for lunch :-) 12V kettle in use

Kevin Sharpe / Zero Carbon World / Mainpine DIY EVSE in use many times, purchased from the first person he met (RAV4 owner)

First 3-phase 400V red plug .... is out of order - actually breaker OFF -

but back ON thanks to these nice guys :-)

Wine delivery - EasyBring task -; The Model S will be lighter now

Mall owner provides another 400V red plug in his parking

Bjorn visits his mother

On the road again, on water there

A CHAdeMO AC DC fast charger, but charging at 26A only instead of 62A available (?)

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