Saturday, April 12, 2014

Valery Miftakhov from builds open source DIY Juice Box EVSE like Ken Sharpe from

Seen on the last episode of Transport Evolved , Valery Miftakhov from has developed an open source DIY Juice Box EVSE, saying that some DIY EVSE are actually safer than some OEM ones ...

He is also working on direct, EV to EV charging, CHAdeMO compatible charging stations, etc ...

Transport Evolved, UK weekly show

This reminds me of Kevin Sharpe from Zero Carbon World who does the same, offer DIY EVSE

... and also about the funny letter he recently received from UK EVSE trying to stop him :-)

Guys, did you have a look at how Teslas started ? Many or almost all major companies and/or their discoveries come from DIY ... and starts in a small garage ...

(JB Straubel, CTO of Tesla, on Tesla's early days, in front of Stanford students)

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