Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vacation in Marseille - EVs and Solar

Last week, we went down from Paris to Marseille, using TGV - French high speed train - at 300 km/h

We have been there several times and love it because the weather is warmer, and staying at the Vieux Port - old harbor - is pretty nice

We can do mostly everything in walking distance or using public transportation, sometimes electric, like this Solar powered free boat, going across the harbor

Two screens show the instant power Generated by Solar (around 3kW on the roof) and Used by the Motors (front and back, since it goes both directions)

The view of the harbor from it is great

Tramway, electric also and well designed

Also I saw some EVs here and there, even a famous shellfish delivers using small city EVs

Marseille City Water Service i-MiEV

A Renault Twizy parked with motorcycles here

A city small electric truck charging directly from the office outlet by the window :-)

A Smart ED, in black for once, with the a broken gas lid, did someone try to still gas here ? :-) no luck ...

New buses are Hybrid, still diesel, but at least their engine stops when they are not moving

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