Sunday, April 27, 2014

Second Visit to Tesla Store Paris

Yesterday, instead of going to Paris directly, we first went to the Tesla Store in Gennevilliers, next to Paris, to see what was going on, what was new

- Chassis on display
- New P85+ dark blue
- Rear child seats test
- Test drive booked in 2 weeks

Arriving, 2 test drive Model S were parked outside, waiting

The first new thing in the showroom is the Chassis on display, very interesting, so took many close ups to see technical details

The AC Motor is huge !

Tesla Serial number on the AC Motor

A view in the shop from the little window in the showroom and a Model S on the lift, plus many recently delivered ones on the right, with new plates, etc

Also the black Model S has been replaced by a dark blue P85+, very nice

and it is charging

using the regular EVSE and plugged into a regular 220V outlet, next to an iMac

My son Clément loves to be in the driver's seat and tests everything on the huge screen, including opening the roof, the trunk, etc

and this time we tried out the rear child seats, that are folded in the back of the trunk

Very well designed mechanism

At 12 years old, he is a bit to tall to fit, but he managed to shut the seatbelt

and we closed the trunk :-)

We then talked to a new saleswoman, and booked a test drive in two weeks ...

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