Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Energeno & GoodWe are testing Energy Storage in the UK

It looks like Energeno - Wattson Energy Monitor maker - is starting to test Energy Storage ....

Chinese inverter manufacturer, GoodWe, has installed its first energy-storage inverter in the UK.
The company's EnerStore series bidirectional energy-storage inverter has been installed in a 400-year-old barn conversion in Cambridge.

Chris Poulton, the owner of the system explained why he opted for energy storage. He said: ""I'm using my EnerStore in conjunction with my Optimmersion to heat my water, cutting my bills and using all of my home generated electricity."

During daylight hours the home PV system generates electricity that is used to either meet the household's load; feed into the National Grid or, to charge the battery in the inverter. Any energy stored in the battery can be released when the load demands it. In addition, the GoodWe inverter is capable of being charged from the grid via the inverter.

GoodWe's energy storage inverter is a result of recent collaboration with London-based Energeno, designers of the Wattson Solar Plus energy monitor. GoodWe claims that the partnership has resulted in "sophisticated control" for the EnerStore system.

The company acknowledges that energy storage devices are not yet common in the UK but is predicting that the market will grow rapidly.

A GoodWe spokesperson said: "Greater use of energy storage technologies is necessary for the UK to have the best chance of meeting its targets for renewable energy generation and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions."  

More on this new ESS at InterSolar 2014 in june ...

Source: Solar Power Portal

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