Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AESC LEAF Battery Modules - Making a Charge Controller 2

As soon as I got back from Marseille, I dove into my LEAF / AESC Battery Modules Charge Controller project and started wiring the 2 Tyco Kilovac Contactors to the Dual Relay Programmable Voltmeter already installed 10 days ago ....

Crimping first

I start with a ON OFF ON switch to Charge or Discharge, or OFF

Let's add a fuse, always better, and solder its holder here

and get through the terminal numbers in the back for the relays

soldered fuse holder receives a 2A glass fuse

Everything wired to the Voltmeter now

Discharge / Grid Tie Inverter side Kilovac in place

GTI is active and pushing 250W into our home grid

Lower limit reached, the voltmeter opens its lower relay, which removes power to the Kilovac, which opens the DC line removing power to the Grid Tie Inverter, and the Discharge is stopped

Lower voltmeter LED is lit, indicating we reached the lower limit of the pack voltage

And now I have Automatic Cut Off at low voltage, 3.60V per half module or 21.6V for the pack of 3 modules (= 6 half modules)

After testing this, the next day, I wired the Charger side Kilovac, protection over charge, and stopping at 24.9V for the pack, which is 4.15V per half module

Charger side Tyco Kilovac with 1.5mm2, smaller section solid core wire

Let's start the charge now ...

I just finished this first controlled Charge tonight:

Once we reach the set 24.9V for this 3 module pack (= 6 half modules x 4.15V), the voltmeter opens its upper limit relay, cutting power to the Tyco Kilovac contactor, opening the charge lead and stopping the charge => Simple and Efficient !

Note the upper limit LED on the Voltmeter and the Green right LED on the Charger (a LiFePO4 24V 10A) showing the end of Charge; Now after 10s, the voltage has gone down a bit and will stay there

So now I don't have to stay next to my AESC / LEAF pack, since a Charge and a Discharge will be terminated automatically thanks to this set up :-)

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