Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Nissan LEAF Test Drive in Paris

Yesterday, my son Clement and I went for an afternoon test drive of the New LEAF lended to by for the week end by Nissan West Europe ...

Leaving from our parking in Boulogne

Unplug test with the J1772 lock on

Black Inside

Battery gage in %

Bird view 4 cam is an awesome feature, but only available at extra low speed

My Charging Equipment for LEAF and Vectrix over the last 2.5 years

The heat is on but is using very little power :-)

Eiffel Tower

Pont Alexandre III

Place de Clichy, and a very good British vehicle for the city, with a lot of smoke


Let's go up the hill
Sign says: "Paris Respire"

Stuck in Montmartre touristic crowd

Sacré Coeur

Place du Tertre behind

Again, usefull 4 cam view at low speed, to see tourists feet distance from the wheels

Beaubourg / Centre Pompidou

Chatelet / Les Halles

Stuck in traffic, and at one point I decided to use the BUS lane .... got pulled over and eventually got no ticket since a "non polluting vehicle" can use it ! I learned something from this police officer and will use them now :-)

Did I mention I got the 6kW dual charger version ? - like in a Model S -

And we finally lended next to Mairie du 3eme arrondissement, where the Autolib allows charging upfront, easier for a LEAF - but I took my J1772 extension cable in the trunk anyways -


Café near Marché des Enfants Rouges

Phone booth

Nice place to hang out

Cafe Creme

Fashion designer / Store

/ Cafe too

Back to our LEAF, we realized it had not ben charging at all ... I forgot to turn off the charge program ... oh well

But we got billed anyways ... so it is not based on charging only but also swipping your badge on the charging station lid - it is a bit special because it is the third party EV charging station here, for scooters also, so that might explain -

LEAF allowed in the BUS LANE !

Place de la Republique

and we will use this Bus Lane a lot from Republique to Opera, on the way back

Porte Saint Martin


in the Bus Lane still

A little stop at K-Mart, a Korean market that carries Japanese food, and we took some fresh fish for TeMaki; LED lights for the ceilling

Palais de Tokyo - in Paris -

Tour Eiffel by night, nice

and we are back in Boulogne ...

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