Monday, March 3, 2014

New Nissan LEAF test drive in Paris - Day 2

This time with the whole family, we headed to Marais, in the center of Paris

With my cap, French taxi driver style, in the Bus Lane ...

La Smaritaine - closed for renovation -

Les Bouquinistes


You have to be twice more careful in the bus lane, with all the bicycles, especially Velib users not always used to cycling ...

Mairie de Paris, of of our favorite charging spot

and an Electric DIY motorcycle conversion !

Rare enough, I took some detailed pictures of the unusual conversion

Motor toothed belt transmission to the chain

Dual charger :-) - like in the Model S or the new LEAF -

So now, we have to plug into the regular 220V outlet, using the LEAF EVSE that is in the backpack

What's this yellow label ? Well it says: "Never use and extension cord": Oh really ? What about my 3m extension cord when I plug in in the street and 10m extension cord in the parking; Not a problem after 2.5 years of use

Guess what, because it is too short, so I have to back up and I am parked over one scooter spot

Still, too short, and without closing this lid, no power :-(

The new EVSE J1772 plug is different BTW, looks cheaper

We finally have to move to the other spot ...

and plug in

and after 10mn, we are charging (that's why I have a 3m extension cord attached to my EVSE, always)

We can now enjoy a little walk in the Marais ...

One of the new Hybrid buses - still diesel, but less -

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