Saturday, March 1, 2014

New ! DIY ESS Live Cam via UStream on the blogs

Monday, watching my live Generation (Solar + ESS) and Net Usage via Karotz - a webcam electronic pet at home - I thought I should share these information with all, to show that when the live effect of Solar and my Energy Storage System on our Home Power Consumption

Looking for a live standalone webcam solution I finally selected this Logitech Broadcaster cam, which connects directly to my internet router at home and broadcasts the live stream through UStream

Few days after, the package arrives and after an easy set up with my Mac - can be done with the iPhone or iPad also -, the live stream started

After moving the 2 Wattson units downstairs, I ended stacking them like you can see on the picture, pointing the webcam towards them and hit the Broadcast top button ...

I eventually found the embed HTML code on my newly created UStream channel called DIY ESS Live Cam and put it on blogger

DIY ESS Live Cam via UStream is now visible on my two blogs, and

Arrived from the NL

Here is the beast :-)

Battery, standalone, broadcasting to Ustream, I like these features

Nice, already broadcasting, the Cloud is Red

A new firmware was found during the set up, and uploaded to the device

We are Live !

The iPhone App

UStream account linkage

This stand is pretty neat, and it is also a box where you can put the cam to travel - 2 in 1 -

Testing on this small frame

Live USTREAM feed

It's working !

From the iPhone app

you can control even better, see the battery level, stop and stop broadcasting

MyELifeNow blog integration - top right -

you can even see the live viewers ...

New set up downstairs

UStream iPhone app

This is what I use now to follow my home Generation & Net Usage

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