Friday, March 14, 2014

MyELifeNow : 2 years and 300,000 + visits, thanks ! What I did and what you can do too !

Started two years ago to talk about what I do to use less energy, pollute less, I hope I have reached many people and will reach even more in the future

Thanks to all of you, followers and one time visitors ...

You too can do all this:
- Change all your home light bulbs to LED
- Install an Energy Monitor to see how much Electricity you are using
- Change your ICE car for an Electric car, the LEAF is a very good one (3 years without a single battery problem)
- Get an Electric Scooter: Vectrix VX-1 or BMW C-Evolution (coming to market in May)
- Change your gas/fuel heating system for a Heat Pump, you will get Air Conditioning with that
- Install Solar on your Roof to use the Generated Electricity
- Use most of your Generated Energy by Storing it for later use with my DIY ESS Kits
- Use High Speed Train instead of Air Planes , TGV here gets you to French Riviera from Paris in 3h only
- .... there are many others ways to improve .... find your own

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Please Share this Post if you Liked it ! Thanks !
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