Sunday, March 9, 2014

LEAF Battery Modules - Testing & Draining with a Grid Tie Inverter

After keeping these new LEAF Battery Modules in our bedroom for two weeks, I am finally wiring them in series to start testing and draining them before a good Bottom Balancing

Let's do this !

Our bedroom is a mess again, and my wife won't like it :-)

Looking for additional 6mm bolts here

and copper bus bars

6mm bolt I got with the modules

This bus bar has not been used for several years

See the difference ?

Wiring them in series ... careful with the metallic wrench here (!)

Pack voltage is 22.8V, 3 x 7.6V

I found some my first crimped wires, twin 16mm2, not very good, but enough for our test here

Ready to drain the pack

250W pushed into our home grid

After reaching 3V on this half middle module, I switch off the grid tie inverter

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