Sunday, March 16, 2014

LEAF Battery Modules Charging for the First Time after Bottom Balancing

After Bottom Balancing my New LEAF Battery Modules for a week, I started Charging them using a small 100W LiFePO4 charger

Brand new LiFePO4 24V Charger, exact same one that I use in my DIY ESS

Stripped charger leads

Bottom Balanced at 3.00V with my bottom balancer, showing 3.01 with my voltmeter here, but what's important is that all the half modules are at the same voltage

Charging begins ...

Low wattage at the beginning of the charge because the battery pack is 18V

I am monitoring the voltage of all half modules during the charge process, and they are always going up together

Going up ...

here at 4V,  but I finally ended the charge process after 13h (more or less) and half module voltage of 4.01V, pack voltage of 24,06V

The funny thing is that, on sunday I watched EVtv latest episode, and Jack was showing his testing of charge and discharge on the same modules - from the Renault Fluence Better Place liquidation -

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